What home repairs were more popular in 2020

Undoubtedly in 2020 we stayed home more than any other year, something that led many to outsource work to the No. 1 professionals Gikas Painting Painters.

But which were the most popular home repairs? The Gikas team makes the 2020 report by analyzing the 250,000 requests it received in New Jersey, presenting the trends and behavior of consumers in this particular year, in which they needed the services of certified professionals for the home more than ever.

The constructions with the largest increase in demand compared to 2019 were:

If you are curious to know, continue reading our blog and find out the answers about the most popular questions… What did the New Jersey residents do during their stay at home? What did they spend per project category?

According to the data, the average amount spent by users in 2020 per category was:

In the first lockdown (March – May 2020) it is not surprising that the disinfection works recorded an increase in demand of 238% compared to the same period in 2019, which is due to the “shielding” of homes and businesses against Covid-19.

Repairs of household appliances (kitchen remodeling, refrigerator, washing machine) also showed an upward trend as they increased by 150% compared to the previous year. This is due to the constant stay of consumers in the home and therefore to the greater use of their home appliances.

Also noteworthy is the increase in requests for the upgrade of the outdoor areas of the house (garden hardscaping services and decks, porches), with the categories pergolas (+ 87%), awnings (+ 54%) and railings / metal structures (+ 44% ) to stand out.

In contrast, in the second lockdown (November – December) a completely different behavior was observed with most consumers focusing on improvement work in specific areas of the house. Here, it is worth noting that bathroom remodeling increased by 355% compared to the first lockdown, while kitchen renovations increased demand by 125%.

In fact, both the works related to the repair and the painting of interior walls (+ 225%) and the carpentry works (+ 121%) showed an upward trend.

Also, the constructions with plasterboard (roofing, false ceilings), marked an increase of demand by 95% compared to the period of the previous lockdown, since a large percentage proceeded to remodeling interior spaces.

It seemed that during “Stay Home”, people due to their long stay at home noticed more of the “wrong texts” of their home and decided to make improvements with the help of evaluated professionals, like Gikas Painting Painters. Furthermore, it was seen through the requests on the platform that the house gained more weight in the minds of the people, being at the same time a place of relaxation, work, fun and meeting, with more and more consumers upgrading specific spaces in the interior and exterior of the house.

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