What every woman must have in her bag?


A woman’s bag – γυναικείες τσάντες – is seemingly bottomless that holds a huge amount of both useful and useless things. Above there is what every woman must have in her bag. You can always find some unique things that can save not only the owner but also someone else from getting into an awkward situation. See what is necessary in your bag because you may find yourself in a strange situation at the most unexpected moment without them.

Extra pair of socks / tights

In winter, it is easy to step into a puddle and get your feet wet or your boots filled with snow and realize that your feet are wet. An extra pair of socks / tights is essential in your bag to help you stay warm at all times.


Often a piece of salad or a nut gets in your farthest tooth and starts to bother you. Do not attempt to remove it by hand. A toothpick is a better solution. Make sure they are packed, otherwise you may end up with scattered toothpicks all over your bag.

ID card

The ID, passport and health card must be with you. These documents are required in stores, at the post office, in a clinic, to receive online orders and at the bank.

A waterproof coat

Sometimes we are too lazy to get an umbrella because it is very inconvenient to carry it. In addition, umbrellas tend to rotate occasionally upwards when the wind is very strong. A raincoat is a better choice in this case as it takes up very little space and helps at the right time.

The blood type and telephone numbers of close relatives

In some cases, doctors need to know a person’s blood type. Also, if you suddenly need an ambulance, it will be important for doctors to find your relatives quickly so they can let them know where you are.

Hand disinfectant

In order to prevent various diseases, it is recommended to disinfect our hands before each meal, after using the toilet and after being in other public places.


Sunscreen is essential not only on the beach in summer for sunbathing, but also every day in winter to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Lip balm or lip gloss for the lips

Lips can be very dry when the weather is stormy, so it is always necessary to have a lip balm with you. Also, a glowing lip gloss for your evening makeup is great idea to have it in your bag.

Hand cream

The moisturizing hand cream will save your hands from the cold in winter and after the sea in summer. The nourishing cream application keeps your hands young.

Powerbank and charger

Today people cannot take a single step without having their smart phone with them. We need to read reviews, get directions, invite friends and read stories online. To avoid running out of money at the most unexpected moment, it is best to always have a portable battery or charger with you.

Perfume in a travel bottle

Your perfume is something that others will be angry about and will stay in the room even when you leave. Having a mini bottle of your favorite perfume in your bag is not a luxury, but a real necessity.


Even if your period is still far away, your girlfriends or an unknown girl in the bathroom may need them. In addition, it is good to always have some tampons in case your cycle changes a little.

Wooden comb

Tangled hair always looks messy. A small comb will not take up much space and will help maintain a nice appearance. Straight hair in particular, can become a nuisance. Those of you who have curly hair, always somehow manage to look carefree. In both cases there is a complete set of knots that no one knows where to start and end. So we suggest you put a small hair brush in your bag.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes can keep shoes and clothes clean. It is vital that you accidentally spill coffee on your shirt or get your jacket dirty because you have touched a dirty car.


Apart from some medication that you should have in your bag if you need it, so we have the corresponding mentality. You do not need to carry medication for every occasion, but painkillers are a good start.

USB flash drive

It sounds strange but we live in an age where everything we need is usually in digital form. You may need a file during the day or at work. This is not a problem for those who have a storage medium such as a USB flash drive. It is so small that you will not even realize that you are carrying it.

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