Colourful nail trends of 2020

Colourful nail trends 2020

We know that you might be going through a lot during the spring of 2020, but we are sure that the colourful nail trends of 2020 will definitely make your day. You don’t need any special tools or equipment, just use your imagination and a few colourful nail polishes. Be ready to use your beauty skills.

The spring of 2020 has found the vast majority of people in lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means that we don’t really have somewhere to go, but we all know that a manicure can make you feel treated and renewed. Grab your manicure supplies and get ready to create art on your nails!

How to create the colourful nail trends 2020

You are going to need some sponges, polishes in various colours and some pieces of tape. It is not obligatory, but you could also use small crystals for embellishment. Begin by filling your nails to your desired length and shape, cut your cuticles carefully and apply your base coat. Next up, there are some colourful ideas you could try.

You could create an ombre effect on your nails, by using the sponges we mentioned earlier. Begin by applying the darker colour at the base of your nail and start incorporating the next colours before the polish dries. You can use as many colours as you like! Just coat it with top coat to give it some shine and it is ready!

Another idea is to put a thin strip of tape in the middle of your nail and paint each side of the nail with a different colour. You can rotate the tape in each nail so it will look more like shapes and blocks of colours and not plain lines.

Lastly, you could jazz up your plain beige manicure -which let’s be honest has become a little bit boring. Start by painting your nails beige or white and then create little dots of colour. They can be at the base of your nails or anywhere you like. Apply top coat and you are done!

Last but not least, you could go for a bold colour, same in every nail. Try an intense yellow or blue, that will make you look like you got out of a 70’s magazine!

You could really change your mood by trying to put colour in your life. Try incorporating beauty routines and colourful notes in your everyday life and you will immediately see yourself  and your mood changing.

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