4 simple steps to avoid being penalized by Google

4 simple steps to avoid being penalized by Google

The changes made last year by Google and more specifically the Penguin algorithm in May 2013 and the Hummingbird algorithm, showed once again that links from sources that are not reliable should be avoided.

As a website owner you should focus on “building” a white hat profile in terms of link building but mainly focus on creating quality content for your website.

Creating unique and useful content for visitors is good for your page visitors but also for search engines but also a very good way to be “good” in the eyes of search engines.

Specifically there are some free of risk tips that you can apply.

Pay attention

It is important to be aware of all the algorithms that Google occasionally runs. You have to stay informed about all the changes eg of the Penguin algorithm so that you can adapt to the changes quickly. If you do not understand exactly what Google is asking you to do then it will be very difficult to adapt to the changes and most of the time this does not work.

Evaluate your links

Even if you are not influenced by an algorithm, either Penguin or Hummingbird, it does not mean that everything on your website is OK. Ok we admit it, it can be. But we should always keep in mind low value links that can arise even from competitors.

Stop focusing on low value links

In essence, Google’s latest algorithm focuses on combating link schemes. So if you have links that are of low quality, they should be removed immediately because you may be enjoying the privileges of a good position for now but that will soon change.

Create content, we do not remember if we mentioned it but CREATE CONTENT.

Google argues for the latest algorithm that “ran” the content of a web page plays a very important role, but also whether it seems useful to your website visitors. Commonly in simple words: Is your content useful? Do your website users share your content on Social Media? These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself whenever you start writing an article for your corporate blog or introducing a product.


You may be in the position of those who have been punished by Google. But it may not. What is certain is that you can with a very personal effort make your website more interesting both for the search engines and for its visitors. Remember every time that the promotion of your website in the first results of Google requires not only experts in seo but also very personal work.

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